who we are

We are Vetor Media, a Brazilian company operating worldwide and highly specialized in translation / version, subtitling, transcription and closed captioning.

Our company was born from our passion for stories. We are fascinated by the stories told in movies, books, series, documentaries and TV shows, and also by all the stories happening right now, in every corner of the world. We are also fascinated by the stories of the different cultures in which these stories are born, and by the stories of the different people who are born from such cultures. And also by the close, sentimental stories: those of our clients, our friends, our family, our own.

We are passionate about all stories because we believe that, in fact, they are together weaving one single and amazing story – the human story. Which is your story, our story, and that of the nearly eight billion people who inhabit our planet.

what we believe

We are part of a diverse and increasingly interconnected world, which today is able to share its stories like never before. And we believe that, by acting ethically and consciously so that these stories are told, understood and appreciated in the most different cultures and by all people, we will be contributing to the social, economic and cultural development of the entire planet.

Our mission is to provide excellent services in the field of audiovisual translation, which are recognized for their high technical quality, deep linguistic knowledge, understanding of cultural diversities and identities, and respect for the commitments made with our entire network of relationships, both direct and indirect.

To this end, we have structured an outstanding, cohesive and committed multilingual team, composed of experienced and highly specialized professionals, driven by the same passion. We act ethically, efficiently and transparently, and provide our clients with personalized work, on time and for a fair price.

our team

Daniela Seno

Director of Operations

Daniela is officially our Director of Operations, but she is actually the engine and great inspiration of the whole team. She is Brazilian and passionate about cultures and languages. Since she started working in the audiovisual industry in 2007, she has been carefully selecting linguistic professionals with whom she shared the same vision about the work to, in 2013, finally make her dream come true: to gather all these talents in the creation of Vetor Media. The secret of her success? She knows, like no one else, to balance detail, focus and determination with sensitivity, lightness and fun.

Waldo Erminy

Language Director

Our Language Director is the veteran of the team: he has been working professionally as a subtitler and subtitle reviewer since 1989. He started working for Softni Corporation in Venezuela, his home country, and hasn't stopped subtitling ever since. Although he doesn't like to have rules in his everyday life, Waldo knows how to apply with perfection and creativity the necessary rules in the world of subtitling – and is super fast and flexible to adapt to any changes our customers may require.

Bruce Lee

CEO - Chief "Entertaining" Officer

When it comes to entertainment, Bruce Lee is the most qualified member of our team. He is the "CEO" any company would love to have. Bruce has been with us since the inception of Vetor Media, in 2013, and has played an active role in our operations. Among his attributions, he keeps the team active and healthy by reminding us it's time for lunch, for a walk around the garden, or to play fetch.

Marcela Andrade

General Manager

With over nine years' experience in customer service, Marcela joins our team to fulfill her professional goals in her field of expertise: management. Some of the qualities she brings to the table are her focus, organization, and attention to detail. Marcela's dream is to see the world, so she loves being able to get her trip started by working with languages.

Paula Andrade

Project Manager

Depois de quase doze anos atuando na área de vendas, Paula entra para o nosso time assumindo a posição de Gerente de Projetos e acredita ter encontrado o trabalho dos sonhos! Aqui, vê a possibilidade de unir duas de suas paixões: o universo das séries e filmes, capaz de transporta-la para lugares e histórias que sonha em conhecer e viver; e a curiosidade de aprender novos idiomas, que a levou a começar a estudar inglês sozinha quando adolescente e a dedicar parte de seu tempo livre para aprender um pouquinho de espanhol, no último ano.

what we do

closed captioning
subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH)
legenda oculta

It is a great inclusion tool, and therefore extremely important. We believe that all people should have equal access to stories and understand them in their integrity. That's why we conduct every step of the closed captioning process very carefully, from content transcription to synchronization and insertion into the video.

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We love doing this. From the translation of the script to the division of subtitles and synchronization with the video, we take care of each step as if we were knitting: with extreme technique, and also with a vision of the whole, adaptation to the context, coherence in vocabulary and precision in timing.


How to turn an oral content, often permeated by informality and improvisation, into an impeccable and cohesive text? That's the challenge of transcription – a challenge we love to face! We transform audiovisual records of conferences, workshops, courses and lectures into consistent, articulated texts that excel in accuracy.

translation, version and revision

Due to our clients' demand, we ended up expanding our business to serve them also in projects that involve written publications. To this end, we established partnerships with renowned translators and proofreaders and today we offer, with the same quality as our translations and transcriptions of audiovisual content, three other services:

Translation :: conversion of texts originally in a foreign language into Portuguese

Version :: conversion of texts originally in Portuguese into a foreign language

Revision :: editing and correction of texts in foreign languages, original or translated


We have a fine-tuned and cohesive team, dedicated mainly to Brazilian Portuguese, English and Latin American Spanish. However, the consolidated partnerships with other translators and proofreaders and our working methodology make it possible to provide services in several other languages – always with the same level of excellence and with the same passion!

Being Vetor is about transporting, transmitting – which for us, it means to transport content and to transmit meaning. Being Vetor is to transport this content with full control over direction and meaning. It is to ensure that, along the path, all the parts align, with the same intensity and precision (passion and strictness). And deliver true meaning, in the most sensitive, exquisite and accurate way possible.

why vetor?


talk with us

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